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Lhazikuraadi (Hakuraa Thila) – Maldives Dive Sites. This stunning dive location is a favorite of divers visiting the Maldives, not only due to its stunning visual beauty but also the plethora of features it has to offer. Lhazikuraadi is a thila about 75 meters in length rising to 2 meters, with many attractions on every side of the reef. On the northeast side is a spot on the reef with caves, overhangs and ledges that decline in small steps from five to 35 meters. The eastern ridge also houses a large cave between 10 and 15 meters with loads of invertebrate life. It is best to bring a torch into this cave to enjoy it to its full potential. On the northern side the reef gradually slopes down to 30 meters. A touch further west you will find a ridge at 25 meters with a sheer vertical drop to about 40 meters.

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