Serious Small Loan Without Private Credit

A loan is to be classified as reputable, if with the allocation all legal requirements are kept. Furthermore, a not excessively high interest rate is one of the characteristics of a serious lending.

Consumer advocates see another element of seriousness in the fact that the bank checks the financial capacity of a borrower and protects him – possibly also by the rejection of a loan application – from over-indebtedness. This requirement coincides with the interest of each bank, which must avoid payment default for their own economic interests.

The lending without Private Credit means that the bank neither makes a Private Credit request before the loan approval nor a report of the loan granted to the German credit protection. A serious small loan without Private Credit is predominantly paid out by Swiss and Lidemer banks. The term small loan refers in this case to the usual loan amounts of 3500 or 5000 euros, domestic financial institutions use it partly deviant as a product name for all assigned without purpose and without bank collateral consumer loans.

The advantages of a reputable loan without Private Credit

The advantages of a reputable loan without Private Credit

A serious small loan without Private Credit appears initially as a meaningful alternative loan for consumers who have forfeited a Private Credit negative entry in the past. These are difficult to obtain a loan from domestic banks, with one hard or several soft negative features borrowing in the country is almost impossible. The Swiss or Lidemer financial institution can not submit a request to the German credit institution, as it is not a member there.

The credit rating information obtained instead from the ZEK is irrelevant for most applicants since the Swiss credit protection agency only collects data on loans taken out in Switzerland. However, it prevents customers from taking out small loans without Private Credit from various banks at the same time, thus circumventing the limit on the loan amount. A serious small loan without Private Credit offers in some cases for borrowers without negative feature.

This is always the case if they are planning further financing within the next six months. Of course, more than half a year of borrowing is not a negative contribution. However, as a result of the multiple borrowings, the score sent by Private Credit to a lender deteriorates, raising interest rates on credit-based lending.

Apply for the reputable Private Credit small loan through an intermediary

Apply for the reputable Private Credit small loan through an intermediary

A legitimate microcredit without Private Credit applied for directly through the Swiss bank presupposes that the customer earns an income above the attachment exemption threshold for his main employer. Self-employed or freelancers can also apply for a Private Credit-free loan with a comparably high profit from a few Swiss and Lidemer banks.

Other prerequisites relate to age, with the limit between 55 and 58 depending on the bank. If credit seekers do not fulfill all the conditions for direct lending, a legitimate microcredit without Private Credit can still be applied for through a credit intermediary. The most important feature of the creditworthiness of the credit service provider is the non-calculation of the initial costs.

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