Zero-rate personal credit: conditions, demand

What is a zero-rated personal loan?

What is a zero-rated personal loan?

In the consumer loan category, zero-rated personal credit is an unallocated loan that allows you to take advantage of money lent by a bank. However, its particularity lies in the fact that you will only repay the borrowed capital, without interest, because of their absence.

This type of personal loan is very advantageous because you only repay what you borrow. A boon since you can use this money for Henry Esmondr consumer goods, studies, personal projects …

Do not confuse zero rate personal loans with the zero rate loan. The latter is a state financial aid if you want Henry Esmondr part of your home loan to perform work in your main home!

Where to subscribe a personal credit at zero rate?

Few financial organizations offer zero-rated personal credit, also known as free credit or interest-free credit. Indeed, banks do not rely on this type of product because it is not profitable enough in their eyes.

However, some establishments allow you to buy a good or a service in several times, at no additional cost. This type of offer is especially found in stores or places of sale of consumer goods that have privileged partnerships with banking organizations.

If you have modest incomes, the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) offers zero interest credits. The file is then assembled with the help of a social worker.

How to buy a personal loan at zero rate?

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In order to take out a personal loan at zero rate, you will have to gather several supporting documents to attest to your identity, your income and especially your creditworthiness, your ability to repay the loan.

Generally, the requested parts are:

  • An identity document: identity card, passport …;
  • A proof of address: electricity bill, gas …;
  • Latest pay slips;
  • A bank account statement (RIB).

Fees are often charged for obtaining a personal credit at zero rates!

Compare personal loans

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A simple solution to find the best for your project is still to compare consumer credits. Indeed, in just a few minutes, you will have access to a multitude of personal loan offers according to your needs and your profile.

Even if you’re looking for a zero-rated personal loan, the consumer credit calculator will let you know how much you can pay per month based on your income. An adequate solution to avoid borrowing beyond your financial means and that you are not affected by over-indebtedness.